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Toybox Status

Status of toybox 0.6.1

Legend: [posix] <lsb> (development) {android} =klibc= #sash# @sbase@ *beastiebox* $tizen$ +request+ other pending


+acpi+ +base64+ [basename] +blkid+ +blockdev+ (bunzip2) (bzcat) [cal] [cat] +catv+ #chattr# [chgrp] [chmod] [chown] (chroot) @chvt@ [cksum] +clear+ [cmp] [comm] +count+ [cp] (cpio) [cut] [date] [df] [dirname] <dmesg> +dos2unix+ [du] [echo] <egrep> +eject+ [env] [expand] +factor+ +fallocate+ [false] <fgrep> [find] +free+ +freeramdisk+ +fsfreeze+ =fstype= [grep] <groups> =halt= [head] +help+ +hexedit+ <hostname> +hwclock+ [id] (ifconfig) +inotifyd+ <install> [kill] <killall> +killall5+ [link] [ln] +login+ [logname] (losetup) [ls] #lsattr# +lspci+ +makedevs+ <md5sum> +mix+ [mkdir] [mkfifo] <mknod> +mkpasswd+ +mkswap+ <mktemp> +modinfo+ <mount> (mountpoint) [mv] +nbd-client+ (nc) +netcat+ [nice] [nl] [nohup] +nsenter+ [od] +oneit+ +partprobe+ <passwd> [paste] [patch] <pidof> =pivot_root= +pmap+ =poweroff= @printenv@ [printf] [ps] [pwd] +pwdx+ +readahead+ (readlink) +realpath+ =reboot= [renice] +reset+ +rev+ +rfkill+ [rm] [rmdir] [sed] <seq> +setsid+ (sha1sum) +shred+ [sleep] [sort] [split] (stat) +strings+ <su> +swapoff+ +swapon+ (switch_root) <sync> *sysctl* (tac) [tail] +taskset+ [tee] [time] +timeout+ [touch] [true] +truncate+ [tty] <umount> [uname] [uniq] +unix2dos+ [unlink] +unshare+ +usleep+ [uudecode] [uuencode] +vconfig+ +w+ [wc] (which) [who] (whoami) [xargs] (yes)

Partially implemented

+arp+ +arping+ +bootchartd+ +brctl+ +crond+ +crontab+ [dd] +deluser+ [diff] +dumpleases+ [expr] *fdisk* [fold] *fsck* (ftpget) (ftpput) *getty* <groupadd> <groupdel> <gunzip> <gzip> (init) +ipaddr+ +iplink+ +iproute+ +klogd+ +last+ [logger] (mdev) +modprobe+ [more] (pgrep) *ping* (pkill) (route) [sh] +sulogin+ +syslogd+ <tar> +tcpsvd+ +telnet+ +telnetd+ [test] +tftpd+ {top} [tr] *traceroute* <useradd> <userdel> +watch+ [zcat]

Not started yet

#ar# [at] [awk] [bc] <chfn> <chsh> [csplit] +dig+ (dnsdomainname) #ed# [file] (ftpd) [fuser] [getconf] {getevent} <groupmod> +hexdump+ {iftop} {ioctl} =ipconfig= +iwconfig+ +iwlist+ [join] =kinit= (less) {log} {logcat} {logwrapper} [man] *mksh* {nandread} {newfs_msdos} [newgrp] =nfsmount= +ntpd+ [pathchk] +ping6+ {prlimit} +rdate+ =resume= +rpm2cpio+ $rsync$ {sendevent} <sendmail> +sfdisk+ <shutdown> {start} {stop} [stty] +sudo+ #sum# [tabs] [tput] +tracepath+ [unexpand] +unzip+ <usermod> [vi] (wget) +zip+

Categories of remaining todo items


zcat [awk] dd diff expr gzip sh tar tr $wget$ gunzip $*less*$ test dnsdomainname ftpd ftpget ftpput gunzip init $*less*$ mdev pgrep pkill route $*[vi]*$


chfn chsh groupadd groupdel groupmod gunzip gzip sendmail shutdown tar useradd userdel usermod zcat


diff expr test tr [unexpand]


dig getty hexdump klogd modprobe ping ping6 sfdisk sudo syslogd telnet telnetd tracepath traceroute unzip zip ntpd iwconfig iwlist rdate sulogin bootchartd arp crond crontab deluser last watch ipaddr iplink iproute rpm2cpio arping brctl dumpleases fsck tcpsvd tftpd


dd nfsmount sh gunzip gzip zcat kinit ipconfig resume


at (awk) bc csplit dd diff expr #file# fold fuser getconf join logger man more newgrp pathchk sh $*stty*$ tabs test tput tr @unexpand@ $*(vi)*$ zcat


tar diff (wget) rsync fdisk *([vi])* *(less)* tr test *[stty]* fold expr dd


fdisk fsck getty init $(less)$ mksh more ping route sh $[stty]$ tar test traceroute $([vi])$


dd getevent iftop ioctl log logcat logwrapper nandread newfs_msdos prlimit sendevent start stop top


ar dd ed [file] gunzip gzip more sh sum tar

All commands together in one big list

+acpi+ #ar# +arp+ +arping+ [at] [awk] +base64+ [basename] [bc] +blkid+ +blockdev+ +bootchartd+ +brctl+ (bunzip2) (bzcat) [cal] [cat] +catv+ #chattr# <chfn> [chgrp] [chmod] [chown] (chroot) <chsh> @chvt@ [cksum] +clear+ [cmp] [comm] +count+ [cp] (cpio) +crond+ +crontab+ [csplit] [cut] [date] [dd] +deluser+ [df] [diff] +dig+ [dirname] <dmesg> (dnsdomainname) +dos2unix+ [du] +dumpleases+ [echo] #ed# <egrep> +eject+ [env] [expand] [expr] +factor+ +fallocate+ [false] *fdisk* <fgrep> [file] [find] [fold] +free+ +freeramdisk+ *fsck* +fsfreeze+ =fstype= (ftpd) (ftpget) (ftpput) [fuser] [getconf] {getevent} *getty* [grep] <groupadd> <groupdel> <groupmod> <groups> <gunzip> <gzip> =halt= [head] +help+ +hexdump+ +hexedit+ <hostname> +hwclock+ [id] (ifconfig) {iftop} (init) +inotifyd+ <install> {ioctl} +ipaddr+ =ipconfig= +iplink+ +iproute+ +iwconfig+ +iwlist+ [join] [kill] <killall> +killall5+ =kinit= +klogd+ +last+ (less) [link] [ln] {log} {logcat} [logger] +login+ [logname] {logwrapper} (losetup) [ls] #lsattr# +lspci+ +makedevs+ [man] <md5sum> (mdev) +mix+ [mkdir] [mkfifo] <mknod> +mkpasswd+ *mksh* +mkswap+ <mktemp> +modinfo+ +modprobe+ [more] <mount> (mountpoint) [mv] {nandread} +nbd-client+ (nc) +netcat+ {newfs_msdos} [newgrp] =nfsmount= [nice] [nl] [nohup] +nsenter+ +ntpd+ [od] +oneit+ +partprobe+ <passwd> [paste] [patch] [pathchk] (pgrep) <pidof> *ping* +ping6+ =pivot_root= (pkill) +pmap+ =poweroff= @printenv@ [printf] {prlimit} [ps] [pwd] +pwdx+ +rdate+ +readahead+ (readlink) +realpath+ =reboot= [renice] +reset+ =resume= +rev+ +rfkill+ [rm] [rmdir] (route) +rpm2cpio+ $rsync$ [sed] {sendevent} <sendmail> <seq> +setsid+ +sfdisk+ [sh] (sha1sum) +shred+ <shutdown> [sleep] [sort] [split] {start} (stat) {stop} +strings+ [stty] <su> +sudo+ +sulogin+ #sum# +swapoff+ +swapon+ (switch_root) <sync> *sysctl* +syslogd+ [tabs] (tac) [tail] <tar> +taskset+ +tcpsvd+ [tee] +telnet+ +telnetd+ [test] +tftpd+ [time] +timeout+ {top} [touch] [tput] [tr] +tracepath+ *traceroute* [true] +truncate+ [tty] <umount> [uname] [unexpand] [uniq] +unix2dos+ [unlink] +unshare+ +unzip+ <useradd> <userdel> <usermod> +usleep+ [uudecode] [uuencode] +vconfig+ [vi] +w+ +watch+ [wc] (wget) (which) [who] (whoami) [xargs] (yes) [zcat] +zip+

There is also a todo list, but development's moved on a bit since it was written.