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Status of toybox 0.8.3

Legend: [posix] <lsb> (development) {android} =klibc= #sash# @sbase@ *beastiebox* $tizen$ %shell% +request+ other pending


+acpi+ $arch$ +ascii+ $base64$ [basename] +blkid+ +blockdev+ (bunzip2) (bzcat) [cal] [cat] +catv+ #chattr# [chgrp] [chmod] [chown] (chroot) +chrt+ @chvt@ [cksum] @clear@ [cmp] [comm] +count+ [cp] (cpio) +crc32+ [cut] [date] +devmem+ [df] [dirname] <dmesg> (dnsdomainname) +dos2unix+ [du] [echo] <egrep> @eject@ [env] [expand] +factor+ @fallocate@ [false] <fgrep> [file] [find] @flock@ +fmt+ @free@ +freeramdisk+ +fsfreeze+ =fstype= +fsync+ (ftpget) (ftpput) [getconf] [grep] <groups> <gunzip> =halt= [head] +help+ +hexedit+ <hostname> +hwclock+ +i2cdetect+ +i2cdump+ +i2cget+ +i2cset+ +iconv+ [id] (ifconfig) +inotifyd+ +insmod+ <install> +ionice+ +iorenice+ +iotop+ [kill] <killall> +killall5+ [link] [ln] [logger] @login@ [logname] (losetup) [ls] #lsattr# +lsmod+ +lspci+ +lsusb+ +makedevs+ +mcookie+ <md5sum> +microcom+ +mix+ [mkdir] [mkfifo] <mknod> +mkpasswd+ +mkswap+ <mktemp> +modinfo+ <mount> (mountpoint) [mv] +nbd-client+ (nc) +netcat+ +netstat+ [nice] [nl] [nohup] $nproc$ +nsenter+ [od] +oneit+ +partprobe+ <passwd> [paste] [patch] (pgrep) <pidof> *ping* +ping6+ =pivot_root= (pkill) +pmap+ =poweroff= @printenv@ [printf] +prlimit+ [ps] [pwd] +pwdx+ +readahead+ (readlink) +realpath+ =reboot= [renice] +reset+ +rev+ +rfkill+ [rm] [rmdir] +rmmod+ [sed] <seq> +setfattr+ @setsid@ (sha1sum) $shred$ [sleep] +sntp+ [sort] [split] (stat) @strings@ <su> +swapoff+ +swapon+ (switch_root) <sync> *sysctl* (tac) [tail] <tar> +taskset+ [tee] [test] [time] +timeout+ +top+ [touch] [true] @truncate@ [tty] +tunctl+ +ulimit+ <umount> [uname] [uniq] +unix2dos+ [unlink] @unshare@ @uptime@ +usleep+ [uudecode] [uuencode] +uuidgen+ +vconfig+ +vmstat+ +w+ @watch@ [wc] (which) [who] (whoami) [xargs] +xxd+ (yes) [zcat]

Partially implemented

+addgroup+ +adduser+ +arp+ +arping+ +bash+ [bc] +bootchartd+ +brctl+ +cd+ @crond@ +crontab+ [dd] +deallocvt+ +delgroup+ +deluser+ +dhcp+ +dhcp6+ +dhcpd+ [diff] +dumpleases+ +exit+ [expr] (fdisk) [fold] *fsck* +getfattr+ *getty* <groupadd> <groupdel> +host+ (init) +ip+ +ipaddr+ +ipcrm+ +ipcs+ +iplink+ +iproute+ +iprule+ +iptunnel+ +klogd+ +last+ +lsof+ [man] (mdev) (mke2fs) {modprobe} [more] +openvt+ (route) [sh] [stty] +sulogin+ +syslogd+ +tcpsvd+ +telnet+ +telnetd+ @tftp@ +tftpd+ +toysh+ [tr] *traceroute* +traceroute6+ +udpsvd+ <useradd> <userdel> [vi] (wget) (xzcat)

Not started yet

#ar# [at] [awk] <chfn> <chsh> @cols@ +compress+ [csplit] $diff3$ +dig+ $dir$ $dosfslabel$ #ed# (fsck.ext2) $fsck.vfat$ (ftpd) [fuser] (genext2fs) {getevent} <groupmod> <gzip> +hexdump+ $hostid$ =ipconfig= +iwconfig+ +iwlist+ [join] +kexec+ =kinit= (less) $mkfs.vfat$ {newfs_msdos} [newgrp] =nfsmount= +ntpd+ [pathchk] $pinky$ +rdate+ (resize2fs) =resume= +rpm2cpio+ $rsync$ $runcon$ $sdiff$ <sendmail> +sfdisk+ $sha224sum$ @sha256sum@ $sha384sum$ $sha3sum$ @sha512sum@ <shutdown> $stdbuf$ +sudo+ #sum# [tabs] [tput] +tracepath+ (tune2fs) [unexpand] +unzip+ <usermod> $users$ $vdir$ $zcmp$ $zdiff$ $zegrep$ $zfgrep$ +zip+ $zless$ $zmore$

Categories of remaining todo items


[awk] dd diff expr fdisk #={<gzip>}=# sh tr wget $*less*$ ftpd init $*less*$ mdev route vi resize2fs tune2fs fsck.ext2 genext2fs mke2fs xzcat


chfn chsh groupadd groupdel groupmod #={(gzip)}=# sendmail shutdown useradd userdel usermod


cols crond expr fold $[join]$ $sha256sum$ $sha512sum$ tftp tr $[unexpand]$ dd


dig getty hexdump klogd modprobe sfdisk sudo syslogd telnet telnetd tracepath traceroute unzip zip ntpd iwconfig iwlist rdate sulogin bootchartd arp crond crontab deluser last rpm2cpio arping brctl dumpleases fsck tcpsvd tftpd lsof compress dhcp dhcpd addgroup delgroup host ip ipcrm ipcs openvt deallocvt udpsvd adduser getfattr kexec dhcp6 ipaddr iplink iproute iprule iptunnel cd exit toysh bash traceroute6


dd nfsmount sh #{(<gzip>)}# kinit ipconfig resume


at (awk) bc $csplit$ dd diff expr fold fuser $@join@$ man more newgrp pathchk sh stty tabs tput tr $@unexpand@$ vi


users dir vdir @[unexpand]@ @[join]@ [csplit] hostid runcon sha224sum @sha256sum@ sha384sum @sha512sum@ sha3sum mkfs.vfat fsck.vfat dosfslabel stdbuf pinky diff3 sdiff zcmp zdiff zegrep zfgrep zless zmore diff wget rsync fdisk vi *(less)* tr stty fold expr dd


fdisk fsck getty init $(less)$ more route sh stty traceroute vi


dd getevent #=(<gzip>)=# modprobe newfs_msdos sh


ar dd ed ={(<gzip>)}= more sh sum

All commands together in one big list

+acpi+ +addgroup+ +adduser+ #ar# $arch$ +arp+ +arping+ +ascii+ [at] [awk] $base64$ [basename] +bash+ [bc] +blkid+ +blockdev+ +bootchartd+ +brctl+ (bunzip2) (bzcat) [cal] [cat] +catv+ +cd+ #chattr# <chfn> [chgrp] [chmod] [chown] (chroot) +chrt+ <chsh> @chvt@ [cksum] @clear@ [cmp] @cols@ [comm] +compress+ +count+ [cp] (cpio) +crc32+ @crond@ +crontab+ [csplit] [cut] [date] [dd] +deallocvt+ +delgroup+ +deluser+ +devmem+ [df] +dhcp+ +dhcp6+ +dhcpd+ [diff] $diff3$ +dig+ $dir$ [dirname] <dmesg> (dnsdomainname) +dos2unix+ $dosfslabel$ [du] +dumpleases+ [echo] #ed# <egrep> @eject@ [env] +exit+ [expand] [expr] +factor+ @fallocate@ [false] (fdisk) <fgrep> [file] [find] @flock@ +fmt+ [fold] @free@ +freeramdisk+ *fsck* (fsck.ext2) $fsck.vfat$ +fsfreeze+ =fstype= +fsync+ (ftpd) (ftpget) (ftpput) [fuser] (genext2fs) [getconf] {getevent} +getfattr+ *getty* [grep] <groupadd> <groupdel> <groupmod> <groups> <gunzip> <gzip> =halt= [head] +help+ +hexdump+ +hexedit+ +host+ $hostid$ <hostname> +hwclock+ +i2cdetect+ +i2cdump+ +i2cget+ +i2cset+ +iconv+ [id] (ifconfig) (init) +inotifyd+ +insmod+ <install> +ionice+ +iorenice+ +iotop+ +ip+ +ipaddr+ =ipconfig= +ipcrm+ +ipcs+ +iplink+ +iproute+ +iprule+ +iptunnel+ +iwconfig+ +iwlist+ [join] +kexec+ [kill] <killall> +killall5+ =kinit= +klogd+ +last+ (less) [link] [ln] [logger] @login@ [logname] (losetup) [ls] #lsattr# +lsmod+ +lsof+ +lspci+ +lsusb+ +makedevs+ [man] +mcookie+ <md5sum> (mdev) +microcom+ +mix+ [mkdir] (mke2fs) [mkfifo] $mkfs.vfat$ <mknod> +mkpasswd+ +mkswap+ <mktemp> +modinfo+ {modprobe} [more] <mount> (mountpoint) [mv] +nbd-client+ (nc) +netcat+ +netstat+ {newfs_msdos} [newgrp] =nfsmount= [nice] [nl] [nohup] $nproc$ +nsenter+ +ntpd+ [od] +oneit+ +openvt+ +partprobe+ <passwd> [paste] [patch] [pathchk] (pgrep) <pidof> *ping* +ping6+ $pinky$ =pivot_root= (pkill) +pmap+ =poweroff= @printenv@ [printf] +prlimit+ [ps] [pwd] +pwdx+ +rdate+ +readahead+ (readlink) +realpath+ =reboot= [renice] +reset+ (resize2fs) =resume= +rev+ +rfkill+ [rm] [rmdir] +rmmod+ (route) +rpm2cpio+ $rsync$ $runcon$ $sdiff$ [sed] <sendmail> <seq> +setfattr+ @setsid@ +sfdisk+ [sh] (sha1sum) $sha224sum$ @sha256sum@ $sha384sum$ $sha3sum$ @sha512sum@ $shred$ <shutdown> [sleep] +sntp+ [sort] [split] (stat) $stdbuf$ @strings@ [stty] <su> +sudo+ +sulogin+ #sum# +swapoff+ +swapon+ (switch_root) <sync> *sysctl* +syslogd+ [tabs] (tac) [tail] <tar> +taskset+ +tcpsvd+ [tee] +telnet+ +telnetd+ [test] @tftp@ +tftpd+ [time] +timeout+ +top+ [touch] +toysh+ [tput] [tr] +tracepath+ *traceroute* +traceroute6+ [true] @truncate@ [tty] +tunctl+ (tune2fs) +udpsvd+ +ulimit+ <umount> [uname] [unexpand] [uniq] +unix2dos+ [unlink] @unshare@ +unzip+ @uptime@ <useradd> <userdel> <usermod> $users$ +usleep+ [uudecode] [uuencode] +uuidgen+ +vconfig+ $vdir$ [vi] +vmstat+ +w+ @watch@ [wc] (wget) (which) [who] (whoami) [xargs] +xxd+ (xzcat) (yes) [zcat] $zcmp$ $zdiff$ $zegrep$ $zfgrep$ +zip+ $zless$ $zmore$

See the Roadmap page for more information.