XF86SUP Driver

This driver is a helper driver for the XFree86/OS2 project. Note this is NOT XFree86/OS2 itself. This driver offers some features which were missing in OS/2 before or were available inefficiently only.

You can download the latest driver from here.

It is a multiple device driver containing the following sub-devices:

gives you access to the physical memory of the PC. Warning: you should never use this to access the main RAM memory, as this could cause severe damage to the integrity of data managed by the OS/2 system (I once managed to crash the system this way and this corrupted the system so severely that I needed to re-install), but only to access adapter memory (data acquisition cards or aperture video memory) which you know for sure that OS/2 does not know or manage it itself. Required for Xservers for instance.
allows a fast method - the fastest possible - of getting access to I/O ports. Required for XFree86/OS2 for instance.
/dev/tty[pq][0-f], /dev/pty[pq][0-f], /dev/ptms$
These are drivers that closely emulate 4.4BSD pseudo-TTY drivers (PTYs); such drivers are required to get xterm and xdm for XFree86/OS2 running. Also a future version of Emacs for OS/2 will take advantage of these devices.
This emulates a Unix style /dev/console device. This understands the TIOCCONS ioctl and other BSD ioctls. Also the PTYs may grab the console (required for xterm -C and xconsole).
A spinoff of the XFree86/OS2 project and my research on SES is the following code:
A function in the recent version of the xf86sup.sys driver that implements the "kill -9" feature of Unix (Fixpack 17 required). Get the recent driver, API and sample code (xf86sup.sys binaries only).

In Warp3, FP38, a kernel bug prevents this feature to work. This is supposedly fixed in FP40. For now, a workaround is to use the DOSCALL1.DLL from FP37 to get the feature again.

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