XFree86/OS2 Available Ported Software

Last updated 13 Mar 1999
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The idea of this page is, to list the publicly available software which was natively compiled with the programmers toolkit X332prog.zip (or later) that is in the distribution. We are not interested in PMX, EXceed, or Linux programs that may be displayed on the servers without problems, but software which someone without a network (or in case of e.g. a network game, of course with a network as well) is able to run on his own OS/2 system. Commercial or shareware software, which can be downloaded as a (maybe just partially) working demo, is also welcome. Refrain from sending me plain advertisement junk only: I want to be able to check first what I put on my page. First come, first serve policy: don't expect that you will be mentioned for been able to compile a program that is already listed here - just to initiate a bit of competition.

Every author is responsible for his/her own ported software. Don't contact me if you find a bug, mail to the author.

If you have successfully compiled something interesting and have an URL available where binaries (and source diffs) can be downloaded, please send me a note (original code, version, what it is), and I'll update this page.

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