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Posted by creamhackered on 13 March 2003 (247171 views) Rating: 3
After much research I have found nearly every screenshot and piece of information I need to form the best timeline and history of Microsoft Windows. To view the pictures fully just click on the one you want to see. So here it is, a comprehensive and full guide to the history of Microsoft's Windows Operating System starting just before it all started, Multiplan and Interface Manager.

Pre Windows 1.0

Microsoft first began development of the Interface Manager (subsequently renamed Microsoft Windows) in September 1981. Although the first prototypes used Multiplan and Word-like menus at the bottom of the screen, the interface was changed in 1982 to use pull-down menus and dialogs, as used on the Xerox Star.

Below are a few screenshots that I was able to pick up from the Internet showing early development plans.

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