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Posted by creamhackered on 13 March 2003 (247171 views) Rating: 3

Windows 1.0

Windows 1.0, released November 20th 1985.

This first edition was a break from the norm in terms of usability. It enabled users to use a mouse to navigate the system and use its various functions and applications that were included.

Applications included were a set of desktop applications (MS-DOS File Management Program), a calendar, card file, notepad, calculator, clock and telecommunications programs allowing users to manage their day-to-day activites much like a PDA does today. It also allowed users to switch between programs without needing to quit and restart them.

The OS itself had 256 colours ability, resizable windows, a reserved area of minimized programs (the original concept of task bar) and the ability to customize the appearance of windows. Microsoft began to include what we now call a "Control Panel" in its first version of Windows (1.x). It came with a lot of interface controls that are still seen in versions of Windows today such as text boxes, radio buttons, scrolling bars and menu items.

In the interface of Windows 1.0, windows can be maximized, minimized or tiled. The active windows cannot be overlapped instead of tiled. There is no option to cascade windows, so it is inconvenient to show more windows at the same time.

Microsoft announced the idea of windows in spring 1983. But the first version of Windows, Windows 1.0 was not released until August 1985. Windows 1.x is based on MS-DOS 2.0. Due to the hardware limitation and software limitation of MS-DOS 2.0, it was not successful compared to windows versions later than Windows 3.1. However, Microsoft did have a good chance to aim the operating system at fast
developing IBM compatible computers. It took 55 programmers one year to develop this system.

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