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Posted by creamhackered on 14 March 2003 (103757 views) Rating: 4


I hope this article has given everyone a good insight into the history of Microsoft Windows. What began as innovative idea has since developed into a world wide phenomenon. Windows has helped gain Microsoft the status of the worlds biggest company, with over 90% of PC users choosing to adopt this software.

Below I have charted the major developments and events in Windows' History into a timeline. I have excluded beta releases from this timeline as I have only chosen to outline the main releases.

Author note:
I didn't include Windows CE or much about the various Windows Embedded Operating Systems as I chose to focus solely on Windows that runs on the desktop PC. Some of the writing included in this article is courtesy of Microsoft and a few documents I have collected over many years and also The GUI Gallery. All pictures used in this article are either taken by myself or provided to me by others.

If there is anything I have missed out or that is inaccurate or you just want to comment on the article feel free to E-Mail me or post a comment here.

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