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 <title>Tiny C Compiler</title>
+<h2><b>December 10, 2007</b></h2>
+<p>You can now download
+<a href=downloads/tinycc-0.9.25-pre1.tar.bz2>tinycc-0.9.25-pre1</a>.  Run
+"make/" to build it, "make/" to test it, and "make/"
+(as root) to install it.  Currently only the i386 target is enabled, I
+plan to poke at ARM next, and win32 if I can get Wine to like me.  (If
+somebody would tell me how to test c67, I'd be more interested in supporting
+it.  I haven't got one, or an emulator for it.)</p>
+<p>The actual 0.9.25 release is still scheduled for the end of the month.</p>
 <h2><b>November 14, 2007</b></h2>
 <p>There's a new <a href=>mailing
 list</a> for the project, a new build system, a new