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Add a script that downloads and installs mingw (a binary win32 toolchain based on gcc and binutils), with comments how to use it under wine to test a win32 hosted tinycc and win32 output files. This script is as much documentation as meant to be used directly.
author Rob Landley <>
date Sun, 20 Jan 2008 15:33:50 -0600
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+# Download and install a prebuilt binary mingw toolchain, suitable for running
+# under wine to test win32 output and win32 host.
+mkdir mongo
+cd mongo
+tar xvzf binutils-*.tar.gz
+tar xvzf gcc-core-*.tar.gz
+tar xvzf mingw-runtime-*.tar.gz
+tar xvzf w32api-*.tar.gz
+# Now run it with something like the following
+#   wine cmd
+#   path %path%;z:\home\landley\mongo\bin
+#   gcc hello.c