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 <title>Tiny C Compiler</title>
+<h2><b>March 11, 2008</b></h2>
+<p>Ok, it's been long enough that if I'm not ready for another full release,
+I'll at least knock out a -pre2.  However, I've decided that enough development
+is going on that I'm going to call the next full release 1.0.0, and put out
+a few more pre releases as I close in on that.</p>
+<p>Here's the link to download
+<a href=downloads/tinycc-1.0.0-pre2.tar.bz2>tinycc-1.0.0-pre2</a>.</p>
+<p>The i386 and arm targets should work, with both gcc and uClibc.  Neither
+win32 host nor target works, that's for -pre3.  There's also a
+<a href=todo.txt>todo list</a> (which may not make sense to anybody but me,
+but there it is) outlining some of the steps on the way to 1.0.0.</p>
+<p>Ping <a href=/mailman/listinfo/tinycc>the list</a> if you have
 <h2><b>December 10, 2007</b></h2>
 <p>You can now download
 <a href=downloads/tinycc-0.9.25-pre1.tar.bz2>tinycc-0.9.25-pre1</a>.  Run