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Fix source/target confusion that bites Fedora host = target builds. The gcc build exports an LD_LIBRARY_PATH full of target libraries and then calls /bin/sh in the configure stage. If you configure before building, this doesn't cause a problem because the libraries aren't there yet, but c++ has dependencies that trigger a C build before running configuration even if you reorder the steps. On ubuntu this doesn't cause a problem because /bin/sh doesn't link against anything in this LD_LIBRARY PATH, and when building a different architecture the foreign binaries are ignored by the dynamic linker. But on Fedora when host == target /bin/sh links against which is in LD_LIBRARY_PATH linked against which isn't installed on the host, and the attempt to run the shell dies saying it can't find uClibc. The fix is to override the make variable SHELL = sh so it calls ash out of build/host.
author Rob Landley <>
date Thu, 16 Aug 2012 21:59:27 -0500
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# Build binutils, c wrapper, and uClibc++

# TOOLCHAIN_PREFIX affects the name of the generated tools, ala "${ARCH}-".

# Force gcc to build, largely against its will.

setupfor gcc-core
[ -z "$NO_CPLUSPLUS" ] && REUSE_CURSRC=1 setupfor gcc-g++

blank_workdir build-gcc

# GCC tries to "help out in the kitchen" by screwing up the kernel include
# files.  Surgery with sed to cut out that horrible idea throw it away.

sed -i 's@^STMP_FIX.*@@' "${CURSRC}/gcc/" || dienow

# The gcc ./configure manages to make the binutils one look sane.  Again,
# wrap it so we can call it with different variables to beat sense out of it.

function configure_gcc()
  # Are we building C only, or C and C++?
  [ -z "$NO_CPLUSPLUS" ] &&
    STUFF="--enable-languages=c,c++ --disable-libstdcxx-pch" ||

  # Configure gcc
  "$CURSRC/configure" --target="$CROSS_TARGET" --prefix="$STAGE_DIR" \
    --disable-multilib --disable-nls --enable-c99 --enable-long-long \
    --enable-__cxa_atexit $STUFF --program-prefix="$TOOLCHAIN_PREFIX" \
    "$@" $GCC_FLAGS &&

  # Provide xgcc as a symlink to the target compiler, so gcc doesn't waste
  # time trying to rebuild itself with itself.  (If we want that, we'll do it
  # ourselves via canadian cross.)
  mkdir -p gcc &&
  ln -s "$(which ${CC_FOR_TARGET:-cc})" gcc/xgcc || dienow

if [ -z "$HOST_ARCH" ]
  # Produce a standard host->target cross compiler, which does not include
  # thread support or to make it depend on the host less.

  # The only prerequisite for this is binutils, above.  (It doesn't even
  # require a C library for the target to exist yet, which is good because you
  # have a chicken and egg problem otherwise.  What would you have compiled
  # that C library _with_?)

  AR_FOR_TARGET="${ARCH}-ar" configure_gcc \
    --disable-threads --disable-shared --host="$CROSS_HOST"
  # Canadian cross a compiler to run on $HOST_ARCH as its host and output
  # binaries for $ARCH as its target.

  # GCC has some deep assumptions here, which are wrong.  Lots of redundant
  # corrections are required to make it stop.

  CC="${HOST_ARCH}-cc" AR="${HOST_ARCH}-ar" AS="${HOST_ARCH}-as" \
    LD="${HOST_ARCH}-ld" NM="${HOST_ARCH}-nm" \
    CXX_FOR_TARGET="${ARCH}-c++" \
    ac_cv_path_AR_FOR_TARGET="${ARCH}-ar" \
    ac_cv_path_RANLIB_FOR_TARGET="${ARCH}-ranlib" \
    ac_cv_path_NM_FOR_TARGET="${ARCH}-nm" \
    ac_cv_path_AS_FOR_TARGET="${ARCH}-as" \
    ac_cv_path_LD_FOR_TARGET="${ARCH}-ld" \
    configure_gcc --enable-threads=posix --enable-shared \
      --build="$CROSS_HOST" --host="$CROSS_TARGET"

# Now that it's configured, build and install gcc

make -j $CPUS configure-host &&
make -j $CPUS all-gcc LDFLAGS="$STATIC_FLAGS" &&

mkdir -p "$STAGE_DIR"/cc/lib || dienow

if [ ! -z "$HOST_ARCH" ] && [ -z "$NO_CPLUSPLUS" ]
  # We also need to beat libsupc++ out of gcc (which uClibc++ needs to build).
  # But don't want to build the whole of libstdc++-v3 because
  # A) we're using uClibc++ instead,  B) the build breaks.

  # The libsupc++ ./configure dies if run after the simple cross compiling
  # ./configure, because gcc's build system is overcomplicated crap, so skip
  # the uClibc++ build first time around and only do it for the canadian cross
  # builds.  (The simple cross compiler still needs basic C++ support to build
  # the C++ libraries with, though.)

  make -j $CPUS configure-target-libstdc++-v3 SHELL=sh &&
  cd "$CROSS_TARGET"/libstdc++-v3/libsupc++ &&
  make -j $CPUS &&
  mv .libs/libsupc++.a "$STAGE_DIR"/cc/lib &&
  cd ../../.. || dienow

# Work around gcc bug during the install: we disabled multilib but it doesn't
# always notice.

ln -s lib "$STAGE_DIR/lib64" &&
make -j $CPUS install-gcc &&
rm "$STAGE_DIR/lib64" || dienow

# Move the gcc internal libraries and headers somewhere sane

rm -rf "$STAGE_DIR"/lib/gcc/*/*/install-tools 2>/dev/null
mv "$STAGE_DIR"/lib/gcc/*/*/include "$STAGE_DIR"/cc/include &&
mv "$STAGE_DIR"/lib/gcc/*/*/* "$STAGE_DIR"/cc/lib &&

# Move the compiler internal binaries into "tools"
ln -s "$CROSS_TARGET" "$STAGE_DIR/tools" &&
cp "$STAGE_DIR/libexec/gcc/"*/*/c* "$STAGE_DIR/tools/bin" &&
rm -rf "$STAGE_DIR/libexec" || dienow

# collect2 is evil, kill it.
# ln -sf ../../../../tools/bin/ld  ${STAGE_DIR}/libexec/gcc/*/*/collect2 || dienow

# Prepare for ccwrap

mv "$STAGE_DIR/bin/${TOOLCHAIN_PREFIX}gcc" "$STAGE_DIR/tools/bin/cc" &&
ln -s cc "$STAGE_DIR/tools/bin/rawcc" &&

# Wrap C++ too.

if [ -z "$NO_CPLUSPLUS" ]
  mv "$STAGE_DIR/bin/${TOOLCHAIN_PREFIX}g++" "$STAGE_DIR/tools/bin/c++" &&
  ln -s c++ "$STAGE_DIR/tools/bin/raw++" || dienow

# Make sure "tools" has everything distccd needs.

cd "$STAGE_DIR/tools" || dienow
ln -s cc "$STAGE_DIR/tools/bin/gcc" 2>/dev/null
[ -z "$NO_CPLUSPLUS" ] && ln -s c++ "$STAGE_DIR/tools/bin/g++" 2>/dev/null

rm -rf "${STAGE_DIR}"/{lib/gcc,libexec/gcc/install-tools,bin/${ARCH}-unknown-*}

# Call binary package tarball "gcc", not "gcc-core".

PACKAGE=gcc cleanup